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Here's a selection of a few of our lucky winners!


I would like to start by thanking the PCYC for this fantastic prize. My wife and I have been supporting the PCYC for a while now. We never expected this to happen to us and at a more appropriate time.

We have our first baby due soon and winning this prize has certainly lifted a great weight off our shoulders needing to buy a safe new car. We will most definitely continue our support for the PCYC. I would recommend joining the PCYC raffle to anyone. This has changed our lives and we will continue to help you guys change the lives of Australian youth.

Thank you, Cain.


I picked up the car last Saturday and my original excitement of finding out I had won 3rd prize in the lottery returned. The excitement began after I was checking my numbers in the email notification of the draw back in August. I had to get my husband to check as I wasn't sure I had read the email correctly. The phone call the next day confirmed everything!

My friends and family couldn’t believe that people actually do win prizes. I buy tickets from time to time, but never really think about the prizes as I'm happy to just help support the great work that PCYC do with helping young people. I never expected to win anything and a major prize is even more exciting. I'm very grateful that this has happened to me.

Thank you so much PCYC.


Thank you to all at the PCYC. This is an absolute buzz winning something like this from your raffles! Thanks to the young man who called that day and I bought 50 tickets. God I don't even win meat raffles so this is huge. My wife said I was mad to buy that many tickets. Well it's a great mad I think.

Thanks again to you all - Neil


Words can’t really explain what it feels like to be told over the phone that you have won 3rd prize in the PCYC national lottery. I had just returned from holidays to find lots of messages on my answering machine and thought it must have been important for them to keep ringing me. I am so very glad they were persistent until they got hold of me. What a surprise to hear that I was the proud owner of a brand new Toyota Yaris.

So many of my friends and work colleagues were thrilled to hear I had won a new car – just when I was planning to sell my old car and update in 2015. Perfect timing! They were also pleased to hear that real people just like myself do win prizes in these lotteries, as they often think that no one wins. Well I am living proof that if you buy tickets you stand a very good chance, and as they say “you have to be in it to win it” and to know you are helping a good cause at the same time is the upside.

Keep up the good work PCYC. After many years of being involved in Blue Light Discos I support the initiatives you undertake to help youth in various projects. I am indeed one very lucky lottery winner! Thank you again for making dreams come true.

Thank you so much, Trish.

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